Conditioner - smoothes frizzy hair long-term


Control your rebellious hair with La Biosthétique's Anti Frizz Conditioner that stabilises hair and calms unruly flyaways.

Anti Frizz Conditioner creates a healthy moisture balance inside the hair to ward off the effects of humidity and rapidly transforms problematic hair into fantastically conditioned, simply beautiful hair with an impressive shine. It effectively regenerates your hair without creating oiliness or weighing it down, resulting in improved manageability. Your hair is given a beautifully easy to style smoothness that lasts all day long. Flyaway hair and frizziness are reliably prevented, even if you transition from the air within a dry room to a moister outside climate.

The optimum synergy effect with Shampoo, Balm and Serum Anti Frizz – system care with a 48-hour long-term guarantee!