Crème - intensive hair shaft treatment


Crème Fine Hair gives fine hair in need lift, texture and bounce and a visible volume boost.

Fine, sensitive hair often waits in vain for care because this mostly robs the hair of its last remains of volume. La Biosthétique's Crème Fine Hair puts an end to that. It is the first hair mask that strengthens the hair structure without making it soft or weighing it down. It is a powerful package that gives your hair a boost. The Fine Hair Power complex developed by La Biosthétique restructures and protects your hair from within, reinforces the cuticle, which gives it an extra boost of strength and shine. The result is a fantastically natural body and volume, as well as brilliant resilience and flexibility. In addition, life and springiness is lastingly restored to curly hair. Your fine hair is visibly more voluminous, much stronger and much more resistant.