Curl Defining Cream - light hold & definition for curly hair


Create perfectly defined curls with this weightless Curl Defining Cream that adds moisture and defines your curls into modelled waves or ringlets.

Are your curls rebelling again? Are you having problems taming your hair? Not any more! La Biosthétique's Curl Defining Cream bunches your hair into clearly defined, expressive shapes, controls the springiness of your beautiful curls and provides elastic hold with Bounce Back effect. The Moroccan argan oil in this styling cream tames and calms dry, unruly curls and gives them in an instant mega shine without weighing them down – apply to wet and dry hair. In addition, the product contains a Natural Moisturising Factor that forms a protective shield and protects your mane from dehydration. The curls are bunched and frizz has no chance. Perfectly shaped curls and beautiful waves all day long!