Ergines B - lotion for dry scalp


Ergines B scalp lotion soothes and restores your dry and sensitive scalp moisture balance as soon as you begin washing. The lotion enrobes the scalp like an invisible veil and develops its full power with natural, conditioning ingredients.

Dry scalps lack protection. That is why they are extremely sensitive and at times cause itchiness and tightness. Sooner or later, the hair becomes brittle, dry and, in the worst case scenario, falls out. This beautiful Ergines B scalp lotion fortifies your dry scalp and provides valuable moisture. Active panthenol helps protect your scalp and thus prevents the loss of moisture. Dry scalps are very gently nourished. Lotion Ergines B creates the optimum prerequisites for enchanting hair. Complexe Vitalisant specially developed by La Biosthétique, tones your scalp with valuable moisturise.