Ergines E - lotion for sensitive scalp


Ergines E Scalp Lotion restores balance to irritated, sensitive scalps and improves their resistance to new irritants.

Irritated scalps can have a range of causes such as stress, tension, incorrect care and natural predispositions. No matter what the cause, the effects are the same: redness, itchiness, tightness and irritations. Lotion Ergines E instantly soothes all symptoms of irritated scalps and results in rapid normalisation of the condition of your scalp Ergines E’s phenomenal effect is based on Complexe Sensitif, the active ingredient complex developed by La Biosthétique. After only one application, this is proven to result in a 54% reduction in skin redness. Complex Sensitif calms the nerves, alleviates existing irritations and promotes the healing of highly irritated areas of your scalp. It reduces swelling and acts as a local anti-inflammatory. Your scalp becomes increasingly resistant to irritations and lastingly feels pleasantly relaxed again. The scalp’s functioning is restored – ideal conditions for healthy hair growth and amazing, stylable hair.