Génésicap Plus - oil for dry scalp


Génésicap Plus is a special oil that regenerates your dry scalp and rapidly soothes its unpleasant consequences such as tightness and irritations.

Due to frequent washing with the wrong products or simply just predisposition, your scalp is unbearably tight and your hair becomes brittle and thinner and thinner. High time to nourish thirsty and malnourished scalps! Valuable oils have always been known for their conditioning ingredients. This beautiful oil embodies a fine harmony of luxury and nature. Génésicap Plus with frankincense extract relieves dry scalps of irritations and tightness. It contains Vitamin E to support their natural regeneration. With the help of essential fatty acids of natural borage oil, it rapidly remedies dry dandruff and immediately improves all scalp functions. Moisture loss caused by lipid deficits is stopped and the scalp’s impaired barrier protection function is rebuilt. The result is that the scalp feels good again and has the perfect base for strong hair growth and magically energised hair with impressive shine.