Glam Color - 07 Crystal


Glam Color - 07 Crystal is a neutralising hair mask that reduces undesirable yellow reflexes in naturally blonde, bleached, colored and grey hair. Enjoy a refreshed crystal shimmer that lasts for three to five washes.

Platinum blonde, silver grey, is the most elegant hair colour of all! A natural rarity and a challenge when colouring the hair! With the conditioning colour neutralisation Glam Color No Yellow Hair Mask .07 Crystal, undesirable yellow reflexes immediately disappear. No matter whether your hair is coloured, highlighted or completely natural. Glam Color No Yellow Hair Mask .07 Crystal neutralises undesirable yellow in your hair and intensifies the cool shades. Temporary crystal colour pigments guarantee colour neutralisation that lasts for three to five washes with a product that is very easy to use. Silk and rice proteins strengthen the hair structure. Your hair is easy to comb and given a glamorous shimmering crystal shine. Glam Color No Yellow Hair Mask .07 Crystal gives your cool blonde the glamour factor!