Intensive Spa Mask - Deep action repairing mask


This Intensive Spa Mask repairs weaknesses in your hair, restoring silky long hair with shimmering shine.

Seductive shine, fantastic softness and amazing liveliness. A deep conditioner is essential to ensure this lasts. An extract of the valuable Yacón root provides vitality and strength and nourishes your dry hair with important minerals and vitamins – effective anti-aging for long hair. Exquisite Sacha inchi nut oil, rich in omega-3 + 6 fatty acids, repairs stressed structures, strengthens the hair shaft and revitalises the roots. The exclusive hyaluronic acid contained in the Intensive Spa Mask binds lots of moisture resulting in the hair gaining an incredible increase in softness of up to 41 percent. La Biosthétique's Intensive Spa Mask not only softens your hair, but strengthens and protects it from within, makes it more resistant and results in a breathtaking shine. The scent which was exclusively created for La Biosthétique by an international scent designer surrounds the hair in an aromatic veil of seduction and sensuality – all day long!