Lait Protection Couleur - care spray for coloured hair

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This care spray has a dual effect, it rapidly and deeply restructures tinted or coloured hair and protects it with an innovative colour protection complex. For more softness and vibrance.

Heat, wind and sun exposure often stress your coloured hair and blow-drying and straightening irons further exacerbate its condition. This results in brittle and difficult to comb hair that lacks colour brilliance. Now you need an instant remedy such as Lait Protection Couleur that instantly restores health to your coloured hair and results in liveliness until the next wash. The leave-in care for coloured hair features double power since the spray has two active components: 1. Instant structural improvement of the damaged hair structure. 2. Effective protection from fading with the innovative colour protection complex. With every spray, this beautiful care for coloured hair gives your stressed hair an extra care boost and rich moisture. The hair structure is strengthened, its combability is improved and your hair’s elasticity and softness are restored. The highly effective colour protection complex integrated in Lait Protection Couleur maintains the hair’s colour intensity and vibrance. Sunflower extracts deeply penetrate the hair and deactivates free radicals caused by UV radiation. A conditioning polymer creates a protective layer around your hair and wards off damaging environmental influences. Both active ingredients combined form an unbeatable team, so your coloured or tinted hair lastingly outshines the sun with stunning colour brilliance and extraordinarily impressive flexibility and softness. A real secret weapon with an instant effect.