Molding Spray - modelling spray with extended shaping phase

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La Biosthétique's Molding Spray results in lots of volume and strong hold. Its delayed drying time enables you to extend your style's shaping phase after you’ve sprayed it on.

This amazing styling spray gives you lots of design freedom while fixing your style. It provides elastic, strong hold with perfect volume. At the same time, the hair can be modelled and shaped for up to 1 minute after spraying on. Ideal for creative styles or simply for refreshing your style. Thanks to Molding Spray, restyling has never been so easy. In addition, the sensitive keratin fibres are protected and the hair’s brilliance is enhanced. The hair remains flexible and holds its style. It leaves on residue and is easy to comb out. Molding Spray is the hairspray for all variable and creative looks!