Shampoo Vital - strengthening shampoo


Shampoo Vital gently cleanses your fine hair that is particularly in need of care and pampers it with natural active ingredients for shine, volume and softness.

Your hair hangs down tired and dull, with no trace of resilience and volume. A drama? Not at all. La Biosthétique's Shampoo Vital provides incredible bounce, lift at the roots and thus gives fine hair in need of care a real boost. The perfect shampoo for fine hair that treats it with extreme care, but cleanses it deep down. Conditioning ceramides restructure and protect your hair from within and give it an enormous strength boost. Active wheat peptides strengthen the weak hair structure and give it lift and firmness. Flyaway hair? It is instantly calmed by special antistatic properties which combat static charge and make the hair soft and easy to comb without weighing it down. Shampoo Vital restores volume and beautiful shine to tired hair.