Shampooing - hydrating shampoo


This beautiful after-sun-shampooing provides particularly gentle cleansing of sun-stressed hair, protects it from dehydration, frees it from chlorine and salt residue and conditions it with summery fresh scented ingredients.

Summer, sun and bathing fun puts you in a good mood and enhances your wellbeing! You have new energy, but unfortunately our hair lacks energy. With this lovely, fresh scented moisturising Soleil After-Sun-Shampooing, you can enjoy the most beautiful season without hair problems. Soleil Shampooing gently cleanses your sun-sensitive and stressed hair and provides it with soothing care. After-sun-shampooing frees your hair from structurally damaging chlorine residue and salty sea water. La Biosthétique's Soleil sunflower extract provides an extensive protective shield.

Post-treatment: this after-sun-shampooing neutralises the free radicals activated by UV rays. Protective: deposits itself to your hair and wards off future damaging UV rays. Preventative: protects the inside of your hair from severe damage. Soleil Shampooing not only supplies sun-stressed hair with ultimate moisture but it also magically gives hair the lovely scent of summer, lightness and joie de vivre. Your hair regains its desirable softness and shiny radiance.