Visarôme Dynamique B - aroma complex for dry scalp

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Visarôme Dynamique B scalp lotion soothes and restores your dry and sensitive scalp moisture balance as soon as you begin washing. This wonderful lotion enrobes the scalp like an invisible veil and develops its full power with natural, conditioning ingredients.

An active metabolism is the right prerequisite for a functioning scalp. Lack of circulation leads to a weakened metabolism and tired sebaceous glands. Your scalp reacts with dryness. High time for new energy. Thanks to the Visarôme Dynamique B aromatherapy complex, your scalp’s vitality is restored. Purely natural and spicy essential oils from lavender blossoms, rosemary needles, geranium blossoms, sandalwood, parsley and carrot seeds effectively boost the scalp’s circulation and release everyday blockages. Your scalp’s natural functions are activated thanks to the balancing aromatherapy complex. Your hair shines with vitality and is able to develop and grow again. Visarôme Dynamique B gives the scalp new strength and your brittle hair transforms into an impressive mane. The fine scent of exquisite oils invites you on a unique olfactory journey that emanates dynamism and mobilises your energy. Visarôme Dynamique B energises your hair, scalp and soul.